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Love Compatibility - Aquarius Match - making (Kundali)


The two As of the zodiac system make a great, lovely and suitable match and have a special relationship. special one. They are very active, faithful, ambitious, fun loving, adventurous and have similar interests. They try to understand each other in every aspect without seeking to dominate the other. At times, the Aquarian allows the Arian to be leader depending on his mood. However, Aries does not feel secure under Aquarius.


This is a volatile relationship as Taurus is possessive and jealous, while Aquarius is careless and carefree. Airy Aquarius feels difficult to provide security to possessive Taurus. Aquarius thinks of others but Taurus is self-centered and selfish. Taurus appreciates Aquarius' erratic approach while Aquarius is drawn away by Taurus' stability. This relationship works on their priorities, as they are complete opposites.


Aquarius and Gemini have a fascinating stable relationship owing to their common interests, communication channels and intelligent minds. Their only problem is that they are generally considered best friends rather than great lovers. They are neither jealous of each other nor do they have different ways of thinking. Both have similar tastes and enjoy each other's company.


These two signs possess natures that are exactly opposite to each other. This makes it rather difficult for them to survive in a long-term relationship. Possessive and sensitive Cancer tries to tie down fun loving Aquarius wanting freedom. Cancer feels neglected and insecure with careless, affectionate Aquarius who has a penchant for wandering and not staying at home. A lot of hard work is needed here.


Aquarius and Leo start like a burning fire, whose flames gradually settle down slowly after. These two opposite signs of the zodiac are not able to understand each other's viewpoint nor do they get support from each other. Aquarius is inventive and social; Leo is selfish and glamorous. Leo is drawn away by Aquarius' humorous sense draw away Leo; while Leo's fire and zest for living do the same for Aquarius.


These intellectually compatible mates have a strong attraction for each other. Their relationship works on their differences. Virgo is pessimistic, efficient and comfortable with very few close people; Aquarius is optimistic, social, brilliant and imaginative. Their viewpoints are completely different and clash with each other giving strength to the saying: Opposites attract.

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