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Love Compatibility - Aries Match - making (Kundali)


Two Aries partners are like two rams locking horns. They have a steaming hot relationship in which neither is willing to play an inferior role. Both want to be the dominant partner in their relationship. If not careful this tussle to be the dominant person cannot affect the marriage so that the passionate hot relationship starts burning and goes out as quickly as it starts. It is a fiery, forceful combination when two fire signs meet and make the best use of any opportunities that arise.


When Aries and Taureans marry, the Arians are often frustrated by the Taurean's lack of dynamism. The Taurean appreciates the security that Aries provides and Aries' the financial success. Both are highly sensual; but the deliberate pace and unimaginative lovemaking of Taurus may annoy Aries. Taurus is a very homely person, whereas Aries is impulsive, likes fiery or new experiences and freedom. Taurus is good at making money, while Aries is even better at spending it.


Both Aries and Gemini are considered to be good and loving mates. They love to talk and share a special compatibility to try new things. Aries is clever, dynamic and intelligent whereas a Geminian is versatile, dominant and ingenious. Geminis provides a good balance for Aries. The Geminian partner calms the Arian fire, thereby helping the Arian to keep his feet on the ground. Aries feel a little insecure from time to time, but enjoys Gemini's intelligent conversation..


Aries and Cancer are completely opposite in behaviour and attitude. They are generally considered as good friends but not the best ones. They are least compatible when working together. Aries leap without looking, but Cancerians are very cautious about everything. Cancer is a home-lover; while Aries loves freedom. Aries is very sharp tongued and finds it difficult to speak frankly. Cancerians being very sensitive and get hurt easily by Aries.


Aries and Leo are noble creatures, but being alike and having egos a major clash of wills can occur. They hardly take each other seriously. Aries and Leo always dream to take the first place individually so there is always a clash between them. Both share a warm, loving relationship as love means a great deal to them. Aries is optimistic and open to life; Leo is generous and good-hearted. Both must realize that there in place for ego in the marriage and that both are equal partners. For the relationship to be fruitful, happy and rewarding there should be a compromise and one of the two takes second place.


The Aries ram works instinct and Virgo on brainpower. As Aries are bold, confident and straightforward and Virgo are reserved, shy and lack self-confidence they could be on an emotional roller coaster. Aries are selfish and quick-tempered, while Virgo is mostly helpful, intelligent and practical. Aries like to be the king with new ideas and Virgo simply follows what Aries want. Virgo is often willing to work as a subordinate to Aries. They have a strong attraction and their relationship is very positive after they have their difficulties are sorted out

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