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Love Compatibility - Capricon Match - making (Kundali)


Arians and Capricornians are characterized by their headstrong, impulsive, aggressive nature. However, they have one essential difference - Aries is impulsive whilst Capricorn will not make a move until he is absolutely certain of a win. The inevitable follows. Arguments l reign supreme. They can be good lovers and have a good relationship provided they cut down on their arguments. For the relationship to work, Capricorn has to let Aries be free.


Both these animal signs admire and complement each other and understand the other's position in life. They are a mutual admiration duo with Taurus admiring the mountain goat's desire to achieve, and Capricorn admiring the bull's stability. Being earthy and passionate, the unity between them is strong and indivisible as they are always ready to support each other.


In this relationship Gemini gets stability from serious Capricorn who is charmed by lively Gemini. Each makes up for the other's deficiency. However, a note of caution. In his organized world, Capricorn tends to get irritable and find fault with the disordered life of lively, flighty Gemini


Sensitive Cancers have the habit of crawling into their shell when hurt. A slight insensitivity on the part of Capricorn will make the crab do just that. Cancer's constant need for demonstrative love does not fit into practical Capricorn's world. So in this relationship tread warily and with care.


This couple needs large doses of understanding to make their relationship work. Leo is exuberant and likes to spend. Energy or money, it does not matter. Capricorn has a need to save up on both. A little 'give and take' on both sides might stabilize and make for a better relationship.


The two signs take pride in their work and home. They're compatible in every aspect except the bedroom. In this scenario Virgo needs to be coaxed with patience and love and which Capricorn does not have a lot of, especially patience.

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