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Love Compatibility - Pisces Match - making (Kundali)


The Water Sign of Pisces and the Fire Sign of Aries cannot be compatible as in the natural order of things fire and water do not mix. They are in opposition to each other. In this relationship one partner, Aries, is very aggressive, while the other, Pisces, is too sensitive and sentimental. Aries has a tendency to dominate over imaginative Pisces. Pisces are generally romantic people and they try to impose this quality on aggressive Arians who are driven more by their head than by the heart. On positive side, Aries takes up the cudgels on behalf of his /her Piscean partner and helps him/her in taking important decisions.


The Water sign Pisces and the Earth sign are very good combination as both need each other. They are highly passionate, sensitive and share a great deal about the finer things of life. The Piscean feels secured with strong, sympathetic Taurus. On the other hand, practical Taurus responds well to Pisces' sensitivity. Together they make a lovely pair.


This is a combination of Water and Air signs. Pisces is dreamy, sensitive, possessive and emotional; Gemini is active, witty, fun loving and practical. The witty and communicative attitude of Gemini wins the Piscean heart, while Pisces' emotional behaviour pulls Gemini towards it. Gemini is also ready to discuss and spend his time with the Pisces mate. Good communication between them may make their relationship work well and very special.


These are the two Water signs -Pisces and Cancer. Being Water signs they are romantic, sensitive, passionate and make an ideal combination when they are together. They prefer to be at home rather than go wandering. Quarrels are frequent, but are quickly settled and reconciled through their mutual efforts and understanding. They also take pains to let the other partner know, in no uncertain terms, that their efforts have been noticed and are appreciated.


This is a Water and Fire combination - Pisces and Leo. Strong fiery Leo often hurts sensitive Pisces. They learn a lot from each other but find it difficult to work together because of their very natures. Pisces is shy and introvert; Leo is arrogant and extrovert. This combination of water and fire is a difficult mix, but surprisingly sometimes works well. Leo makes Pisces more practical and confident. Pisces's tendency to think rather than act annoys Leo, who considers Pisces wishy-washy, indecisive and ineffectual.


What a combination! Pisces, the Water and Virgo, the Earth sign are great some times and terrible at other times. Virgo needs lot of patience and understanding to cope up with sentimental, moody Pisces. However, both can learn a lot from each other's positive and negative traits. Emotionally, both partners satisfy each other.

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