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Love Compatibility - Sagittarius Match - making (Kundali)


Sagittarius and Aries form a good perfect match as both are fond of outdoors and are intellectually suited to each other. They have common interests and they love to talk with each other as they find enjoyment in one another's company. Any argument raised between them is settled after a while. Aries adjusts well with Sagittarius' easygoing attitude that goes to make the relationship a worthy one. They are more good friends than lovers.


Future is very short for this couple As the differences between this couple are more than the similarities the future is not very bright and real hard work is involved to have a real meaningful relationship. Sagittarius hates constancy, discipline, steadiness and staying at home while Taurus is the exact opposite. Taurus all the qualities that Sagittarius hates. Financially too, Sagittarius lives only for today, while Taurus is worried and concerned about tomorrow. One is a spendthrift and the other saves money. The sharp contrast between them may sometimes give rise to problems in their relationship.


The two opposite signs that enjoys very much in each other's company. This is very successful and long-lasting relationship as both are imaginative, intelligent, fun-loving, hardworking and dynamic people. At times, problems may arise in their relationship but they are soon being solved instead of getting worse. Their relationship is deep, intense and worthy.


A relationship between these two is a no-no as they are unable to understand each other. They are better off as friends. The emotional, blunt Sagittarius often hurts Cancer emotionally. Sagittarius is fun and freedom loving but cannot provide the security Cancer demands from him. Cancer is moody and jealous, while Sagittarius is careless and blindly optimistic. This relationship can work, but requires a lot of work and determination as compared to other combinations.


A very forceful combination are the two Fire signs, as they usually spur each other on in all sorts of ways, and make the best use of any opportunities that arise. They share a need for a warm, loving relationship and are often very passionate. Jealousy and possessiveness have no place in their relationship. They enjoy each other's company, and being extroverts, fun loving, freedom loving like meeting people.


The combine of Fire and Earth sign do not call for a grand match as they have more differences than similarities. Virgo is shy, practical, intelligent and conservative, while Sagittarius is straightforward, jovial, careless and intellectual. Their intellectual power helps them have a good relationship. Virgo needs long term commitment and simplicity whereas Sagittarius loves freedom and excitement.

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