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Love Compatibility - Scorpio Match - making (Kundali)


These are two selfish people who want to be decision-makers all the time. They always have a clash of wills because Aries is dominating and Scorpio wants the switch control in his hands. Scorpio with his tendency to hide his thoughts is often the cause of Aries' frustration, who gets carried away easily. The temperamental differences in their temperaments do not allow them to achieve sexual rapport. This combination is such that it can be either successful or may break completely.


Taurus has the power to satisfy Scorpio sexually, but lacks the power to satisfy him mentally. The main reason for this is that both partners are equally jealous and stubborn. Finances are a problem as Scorpio wastes money and Taurus spends it on food, drink and material comforts. Scorpio and Taurus can make a good combination together. Scorpio needs the stability of Taurus supplies, while Taurus benefits from Scorpio's zeal and depth. One is the perfect half of the other.


Gemini is lively; Scorpio is difficult. Scorpio becomes difficult because he is intense about commitment, which is not possible lively and changeable Gemini. Scorpio is a loner and seeks to dominate, while Gemini needs liberty and to associate with others. Scorpio needs more a intense partner than the flighty Gemini who could opt out of this relationship.


This is a relationship where one needs to tread carefully as Cancer is possessive and Scorpio is passionate. Scorpio's protectiveness renders Cancer insecure. Both being jealous, disputes that arise often, but are solved in the bedroom. Cancer is devoted to Scorpio. As said before dealt with and emotionally open with each other they could have a fantastic relationship. Otherwise they can break up.


Here Leo's dominance does not work with Scorpio. Leo is interested in leading kingly life whereas Scorpio hates wastage. Both are equally passionate and short-tempered. Scorpio finds Leo too extrovert and Leo finds Scorpio difficult to understand. This combination face extremes either in success or failure in their relationship.


These two sun signs have a marvelous meeting of minds and a fine mixing of personalities. Virgo has a problem in understanding the fuss and hassles created by the ruling Scorpio. Both Scorpio and Virgo give priority to financial security and family, and are loyal and complement each other well. This relationship is not what appears on the surface, it is a very intense rewarding one.

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