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Love Compatibility - Taurus Match - making (Kundali)


Taurus and Leo are good lovers. However, their married life is not so successful as they have lot of differences between them. While Taurus is patient, reliable, loving and warmhearted, Aries is energetic, confident, short-tempered and impatient. Both are jealous and selfish. Problems arise when cautious Taurus does not spend freely or lavishly while spendthrift Aries the other way round. Once Taurus takes a decision he sticks to it, but erratic and unpredictable Aries can really fire his anger.


Two Taureans are a case of earth meeting earth. Their union can be very peaceful and stable. A bit slow in starting, they later go out of their way to help, love and support each other. Being very stubborn if there is a disagreement it can last for quite some time and the ensuing period is very unpleasant. Both being loving, reliable, hardworking, determined and persistent will do all they can to have a happy relationship.


Taurus and Gemini are signs of Earth and Air and are completely alike in temperament and behaviour. While Taurus is unemotional, fixed and very dependable, Gemini is flighty, restless, indecisive and vacillating. If they consider each other they can make a very interesting match. In this partnership Gemini is the more hardworking one, while Taurus is lazy and expects a lot more from.


Being Earth and Water signs Taurus and Cancer are a wonderful combination. Both depend upon each other; and are sentimental and intense. Taurus is often affected by the Cancerian mood; and carelessness by any one of them can badly affect their relationship. However, their similar interests, behaviour, home-lovingness, social attitude, ambition and energy make their marriage a very successful one.


This a strong relationship where Taurus demands appreciation and Leo needs worship and adulation. Both being strong people neither one gets what they demand from the other. Leo is enthusiastic, affectionate, pompous, faithful and intolerant. On the other hand Taurus is placid, confident, warm-hearted, patient and selfish. Both are self-centered, jealous and ambitious. This relationship takes a successful path only when one of the two backs down.


Taurus and Virgo are the best combination as both have a lot in common and their marriage is the happiest. The Taurus and Virgo couple is one of the best couples as per zodiac signs. They are best friends as well as lovers. Very often it is a case of love at first sight for them. As both are Earth signs they are practical and material-minded, love to work hard, are careful and marvelously faithful. Together they make for a wonderful team together as they are affectionate, patient, warm-hearted, determined, reliable and intelligent.

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