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The Theme Dream: Having the Theme Wedding of Your Dreams

Wedding Themes

The Fairy Tale

Here is where you can live your Prince Charming & Cinderella fantasy (complete with evil stepmother-in-law!!!)

Food : Serve food that’s fanciful & dreamy. Have each course served amidst dry ice to conjure up the magical.

Location : With the wave of a magic wand & preferably with the help of a professional wedding decorator, any function room can be transformed into your palace.

Decor : Think ice carvings. Get a professional decorator wedding to create the image of being in the enchanted kingdom.

Outfits : Big princess ball-gown, (magic wand to be included). Groom must wear a tuxedo.

Guests : Persuade your guests to arrive in costumes. Get key people in your wedding party to go all out with their garb!

Romantic Candlelight

Tell them he/she lights up your life. Light up the candles....lots of them. Create an ambience of romance.

Say It With Flowers

Your love in full bloom, reflected in your choice of buds. Select a flower and work with that. How about combining different flowers in a similar colour. A client once chose 3 different flowers - Tulips, Iris & Matthiola as her wedding flowers because the first letters of the flowers spelt out her husband Tim’s name.

Flowers can be used to decorate the church, the reception area, the home and even the food display. The same flower(s) can be used in the bouquets and the car decoration. As a thank you to your guests for attending your wedding, how about presenting them with a stalk of your favourite flower.


You can have a heart theme for your wedding. Decorate everything with hearts, whether in different colours or in a single colour. Big hearts, small hearts. You may even wish to have little hearts sewn onto your wedding gown. A good designer will be able to incorporate any theme into your wedding dress.

Now, guess the shape of the wedding cake.

Bursting With Love

Love is definitely in the AIR when you use balloons as a theme. Available in all shapes, sizes & colours, you can use balloons anyway you please. You can even set up a balloon shaping booth to keep the kids entertained. There is nothing more festive than to walk under a ceiling flooded with helium-filled balloons.

The above are just some ideas you can use to have the wedding of your dreams. You may even have an ethnic theme, a seashell wedding, a beach wedding, a garden wedding. The choices are endless. The important thing to remember is to create that special moment for yourself & your guests. Once you decide on your wedding theme, you can start your shopping for all the other wedding needs.

For help with the planning & implementing of your theme wedding, you may wish to consider hiring the services of a wedding consultant who can give you ideas & put it all together for you.

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