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The happy couple recites their vows while gazing into each other's eyes. The minister, clad in a huge pompadour wig and a spandex jumpsuit festooned with rhinestones, croons some fifties rock lyrics before pronouncing them man and wife. The newlyweds exchange a tender kiss, and then parachute out of the ceremony location/hot air balloon for an evening of high stakes poker.

The notion of a Las Vegas wedding conjures up a variety of images, ranging from the slightly offbeat to the downright outlandish. The main draw of a wedding in Sin City is presumed to be the lack of a waiting period for marriage licenses, allowing for an exchange of vows within hours of the initial proposal. However, in recent years, Las Vegas has begun to attract new clientele to its assortment of wedding chapels -- professional couples seeking a more intimate wedding experience, without the extensive prep time and financial expense involved in a traditional wedding. For those couples, Las Vegas offers a host of options at varying price ranges.

The Language Of Love

If your wedding plans lean towards Las Vegas, you should prepare yourself for a very different planning experience. While the buzzwords for a traditional wedding are caterer, florist, and location, the language in Las Vegas focuses on "packages" and "a la carte menus." A wedding package is simply a collection of wedding services provided for a single set price. For example, a basic wedding package might include a half-hour wedding ceremony, the minister's fee, and a bottle of champagne, while a more extravagant package might provide a wider variety of services, from the bride's bouquet to an assortment of wedding photographs. Wedding packages generally do not include the reception, although separate reception packages are also available. Most wedding facilities allow you to customize your wedding package by adding individual items or services from an a la carte menu, with each option priced individually. Although it is possible to construct your wedding entirely from the a la carte menu, it's generally more cost effective to customize an established wedding package.

Casino Romance

Las Vegas is first and foremost a casino town and many of the larger resort casinos maintain wedding chapels with packages at varying price ranges. Couples opting for a casino wedding can arrange for friends and family to stay at the casino, allowing for plenty of post-wedding revelry since guests are no more than an elevator ride away from their lodgings. Brides and grooms also have the opportunity to take advantage of a casino's special amenities.

Couples marrying at the Venetian casino/resort might choose to include a romantic gondola cruise or some pre-wedding pampering at the resort's Canyon Ranch spa. A bride and groom exchanging vows at the Treasure Island casino/resort have the option of marrying onboard the HMS Britannia in the resort's very own lagoon. Most of the major resort casinos provide wedding coordinators who can help you choose the best possible wedding within your budget. Once you have made your choice, you should reserve your wedding date as early as possible. While it's certainly true that one can be married with less than a day's notice in Las Vegas, there is no guarantee that your preferred venue will be available.

Going To The Chapel

If marrying so close to the roulette table isn't quite what you had in mind, you have the option of choosing one of the many independent wedding chapels throughout Las Vegas. These chapels generally offer more economical wedding packages than their casino counterparts, and provide some of the more offbeat wedding options available in Las Vegas. An independent wedding chapel is also an excellent choice if you are interested in a one-stop shopping approach to your wedding preparation. Perhaps one of the most well known facilities, The Little White Wedding Chapel maintains several chapels, an on-site florist, bridal gown and tuxedo rental, and a beauty salon for convenient wedding preparations. And if you're planning an intimate wedding of less than ten people, their Burgundy Chapel is absolutely adorable.

Every Price Is Right

How much you pay for a Las Vegas wedding is really up to you. You will need to obtain a marriage license from the Clark County Courthouse for $35, and there are several no-frills wedding options to be had for less than $100. Wedding packages are available in a wide range of prices from less than $500 to about $3000 for deluxe wedding packages at the larger resort casinos. These prices do not include a reception.

The Fine Print

While a wedding in Las Vegas can certainly be a fun, memorable experience, you should consider the matter carefully before making a decision. The same features that make wedding packages so attractive can restrict your options somewhat. You should keep in mind, whichever venue you choose, you will not be the only couple marrying there that day, or possibly even that hour. If your wedding package specifies one half hour of chapel time, there is the distinct possibility that another wedding party will be assembling outside, even as your ceremony is finishing. You should also be aware that many facilities require certain wedding services to be provided in-house. This means, while you are not required to hire a particular resort or chapel's photographer or florist, you may not be allowed bring in an outside vendor to do the job. Be certain that you understand exactly what is and is not possible before placing a deposit.

Where To Begin

Unless you've got your heart set on marrying in your favorite casino or at that beautiful chapel your sister used last year, you will want to explore a variety of venues before making a decision. Plan to spend a few days in Las Vegas early in the selection process and visit five to ten potential spots. Most wedding sites will provide you with brochures that outline available wedding packages and a la carte options. Be sure to view the chapel area itself before making a final choice. This can be tricky since weddings occur daily, but facility staff should be able to tell you when the chapel will be available for visits.

A Matter Of Taste

Only you can decide whether or not a Las Vegas wedding is the right choice for you. If your notion of an ideal wedding is firmly fixed in your mind, and you won't feel satisfied unless every detail of the fantasy has been realized, then a packaged ceremony is probably not going to fulfill that vision. If however, the idea of marrying in a relaxed, playful atmosphere with minimum of stress sounds perfect, a Las Vegas wedding might just be the wedding of your dreams.

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