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Awesome Ideas for Invitations

Include a little something inside your invitations to sprinkle out when your guests open them such as rose petals, confetti, tiny red foil hearts or gold sprinkles.

Turn your invitation into a puzzle. Mail your guests an envelope with puzzle pieces that they will assemble. Keep it under 10 pieces so it doesn't take them too long to solve!

On the front of your invitations spell out the word "love" with the "o" in love cut out so a picture of the two of you on the inside page can be seen through the cutout.

When your invitation is opened, a paper church could pop up. You could even use that old rhyme, "This is the church, this is the steeple, open the doors and see all the people…at John and Mary's wedding".

On your reply card, ask your guests to list their three favorite songs. Then give the cards to your DJ and ask them to play at least one of the songs, with a dedication to that guest.

Have your invitations look like tickets to an event. Be sure to include two if the invitee is bringing a guest. They could bring the ticket to the wedding and use the stub to claim a free glass of champagne.

On the front of the invitation include the words of your favorite song, possibly the one you plan for your first dance, or the lines to a romantic poem.

For an elegant touch, seal your envelopes with either a hot wax stamp, possibly of your initials, (melt a scented candle so the wax will have give off a nice fragrance) or with a decorative gold embossed seal.

Make the wording on the reply card a little more fun by having your guests check one of these two boxes: Mr. Jones will 1. Cannot wait to attend and is counting the days 2. Unfortunately cannot attend and will regret it the rest of their life.

If you want to leave a lasting impression, lightly spray each invite with perfume.

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